Our Impact

Research shows that the biggest single predictor of a child’s future success is the presence in their life of at least one non-parent adult. Kids who have positive adult relationships are more motivated to learn and do better in school. They have a better sense of themselves and their future. They accept and take responsibility for themselves and others. They are more resilient and less likely to engage in risky behavior.

Organizational Accomplishments
• The Club is open 237 days a year, with nearly 1,400 total hours of programming.
• The Club serves more than 3000 kids annually and more than 300 every day.
• Over the past five years the Club’s average daily attendance has increased 61%.
• Yearly membership dues are only $52 per year. Scholarships are provided for youth who qualify for free lunches at school.
• Forbes, SmartMoney, Newsweek and U.S. News & World Report have all ranked BGCA among the top charitable organizations in America based on cost-effective use of donor dollars.