Who We Serve

With a highly diverse membership from across all ethnicities and all socio-economic levels, the BGCUV is ideally positioned to assist youth in our community in improving their educational and social skills, physical health and fitness and emotional well-being.  In an environment that focuses on inclusion, the Club truly is a place where kids can thrive and learn to be a member of our global society.

Member Demographics

Males                                                                                        55%
Females                                                                                    45%

African American                                                                      0.42%
Asian/Pacific Islander                                                              1.91%
Hispanic                                                                                     4.66%
Multi-racial                                                                                11.97%
Native American                                                                       1.91%
White/not Hispanic                                                                   75.85%
Not Reported/Other                                                                  3.28%