Our community is extremely fortunate to have a wonderful team of caring, dedicated, professional staff to mentor the next generation of leaders of our community.

Program Staff
Kendra Wilson, Director of Operations – kwilson@bgcuv.org
Ryan Rathbun, Unit Director – rrathbun@bgcuv.org
Marcus Vela, Education Director – mvela@bgcuv.org
Tanya Juarez, Teen Director – tjuarez@bgcuv.org

Jordan Steele, Sports Director – jsteele@bgcuv.org

Administrative Staff
Bryan Lake, Chief Executive Officer – blake@bgcuv.org

Patti LaFreniere, Development  Director – plafreniere@bgcuv.org
Tricia Takahashi, Office Manager – ttakahashi@bgcuv.org
Maria Castillo, Office Assistant – contactus@bgcuv.org