The Club is offering more than 30 different summer camps to choose from for youth entering 2nd-12th grades this year!  The key word is FUN and we have a camp for every interest- whether it’s sports, like martial arts or Lacrosse, or a STEAM camp that delves into some Wacky Science or an Explorer’s Workshop where adventure is the word of the day!
    Summer camps are an important part of youth development as they are designed to keep kids learning, active and engaged throughout the summer break.  Follow the links below for all the 2018 camp details and forms: 

                                          2018SummerCampFlyer    2nd -5th STEAM Camp Descriptions 2018      Teen STEAM Descriptions 
                                        Summer Camp Registration Form      Now that you’ve signed up for Camps




BGCUV Quick Fact:
Summer programs focus on preventing learning loss through fun and engaging, yet educational activities.