Summer Programs



The Club offers summer programming giving families 10 hours of program options each day. Summer programs are designed to keep kids learning, active and engaged throughout the summer break.

Each summer, sports camps are offered for youth entering 2nd through 6th grades. Camps cover a wide range of sports, including: basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, swimming, disc golf, martial arts, tennis and more. Camps are coached either by our high school coaches and players or local experts in the sport. The goal of summer sports camps is to help youth experience sports in a setting that builds skills and encourages individual participation and fun.

Club Central
Club Central provides members with specialized programs through our “clubs within the Club”. Each club runs for several weeks allowing members to participate around their summer schedule. These clubs offer a wide variety of topics for members to have ultimate fun.

Summer Enrichment Program
Summer Enrichment Program for youth entering the 2nd through 5th grade. This program promotes social and academic growth, reinforcing educational concepts to help campers continue learning throughout the summer by mixing hands-on education and learning with fun summer activities.

Youth Connect
Youth Connect is geared for youth entering the 6th through 8th grades. This engaging and high yield program will incorporate interactive sessions, community service and local field trips that will energize and inspire youth to discover they can succeed. We aim to build campers’ self-confidence while they develop respect for each other and the world around them.


BGCUV Quick Fact:
Summer programs focus on preventing learning loss through fun and engaging, yet educational activities.